During many film talks after cinema screenings of our 95-minute film "Women Composers" (2018), we found out: The audience wishes for diversity in the concert hall! We have met with great openness and interest everywhere, but also with frustration because the works by women composers are so poorly represented. Because if you look at the schedules of opera houses and concert halls, women composers are still barely played even today in 2019. This brought us to the following idea: We want to create a film series about the women composers Sophie Westenholz (1759-1838), Fanny Hensel (1805 - 1847), Emilie Mayer (1812 - 1883), Ethel Smyth (1858 - 1944), Mélanie Bonis (1858) -1937) Dora Pejačević (1885 - 1923) and Lili Boulanger (1893 - 1918) and want thus change the perspective on music history. Our film series should be available on the internet in high quality, for free in the sense of "creative commons ", accessible for everybody. We consider the works by those women composers and their exciting biographies as a part of our cultural heritage. We want to make it visible and audible - for teachers, students, pupils - for everybody! But: of these beautiful thoughts, this film series will unfortunately not become realized or financed... Therefore we turn to you, to the "crowd"! Please support our project on (in English: "Women composers for everybody " ☺)     To our crowdfunding.   And: every Euro counts! 😉      (Remark: Though the crowdfunding page is in German language, Google translator may help those of you who do not speak German. Also, we would like to emphasize that there is no risk for you. Your support will only be transferred from your credit card or bank account when we achieve our 1st financing goal as of 10.000 EURO.)

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