Emilie Mayer (1812-1883)

Emilie Mayer (14.5.1812-10.04.1883)

Emilie Mayer is a true exception of her time. The pharmacist‘s daughter received musical tuition from early on and decided to become a composer when she was almost 30 years old. She remained unmarried and it seems today as if the then-restrictions on women had no powers to harm her. As a single woman she lived in her own apartment in the middle of Berlin. She received support from well-known colleagues and, during her lifetime, was considered a big name in Berlin‘s music scene. Her works were also successfully performed in many other cities. But after her death she became soon forgotten.

Until today only a fraction of her works has been published.

Her works contain eight symphonies, seven overtures, a piano concert, three string-quintets, nine string-quartets, two piano-quartets, eight piano-trios, nine sonatas for piano and violin, eight sonatas for piano and violoncello and many piano works and songs.