FANNY HENSEL (1805-1847)

Fanny Hensel (14.11.1805 – 14.05.1847)

Fanny Hensel came from the famous Jewish Mendelssohn family. She received the same musical education as her younger brother Felix and was completely equal to him in terms of her musical talent.

In their Berlin home the family regularly hosted the semi-public “Sunday Music“ concerts that also granted a podium for Fanny’s compositions. 

However, both father and brother had forbidden her to work professionally as a composer and to publish her works. She was fortunate enough to marry the painter Wilhelm Hensel who encouraged her to compose and appreciated her artistic work. 

Only during the year prior to her death Fanny Hensel decided to publish some of her works. 

Among of her nearly 500 compositions are many songs, piano works, works for choirs, cantatas, chamber music, organ recitals and an overture.